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Single Issues

xvii.i / Summer 2017

With poems from Luke Allan, Mona Arshi, Jemma Borg, Alan Buckley, Lewis Buxton, Jenna Clake, Rishi Dastidar, Patrick James Errington, Katy Evans-Bush, Renie Leng, Katrina Naomi, A. G. Pettet, Peter Rawlings, Anne Ryland, Laura Scott, Adam Tavel, Julia Webb, Ralf Webb, Grace Wong, Jerrold Yam and Newdigate Prize winner Dominic Hand.

With an essay from Sandeep Parmar, plus Nancy Campbell interviews MacGillivray, and reviews from Mary Jean Chan, Theophilus Kwek, Bernard O’Donoghue and Nathalie Teitler.

Cover and inner leaf art: Le Petit Echo de la Mode, 2015 by Hormazd Narielwalla

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xvi.iii / Winter 2016-17

With poems from Afua Ansong, Alison Brackenbury, Dom Bury, J.R. Carpenter, Sarah Cave, Mary Anne Clark, Jo Morris Dixon, Rona Fitzgerald, Melissa Frederick, John Greening, Timothy Houghton, Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Maitreyabandhu, Lisa Matthews, Andrew McCullough, Mark McGuinness, Abegail Morley, Tariro Ndoro, Eleni Philippou, Sarah B. Puschmann, Shukria Rezaei, Amy Wolstenholme, and Jennifer Wong.

With prose from Jack Underwood (on erasure) and Bernard O'Donoghue (on John Fuller). Plus Mary Jean Chan interviews Nicholas Wong; reviews by Rachel Chanter, Theophilus Kwek and Robert Selby.

Cover and inner leaf art: A hundred years of insomnia, 2016 (detail) by Alvin Ong

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xvi.ii / SUMMER 2016

With poems from John Burnside, Rebecca Perry, Pia Tafdrup, Chris Kerr, Dominic Hand, Fiona Sampson, Margaret Wilmot, Richie McCaffery, Jeremy Valentine Freeman Ganem, Elaine Feeney, Anna Woodford, Pascale Petit, Mark Waldron, Helen Barr, Adam Tavel, Astrid Alben, Denise Saul, Martha Kapos and Nancy Posey.

With artwork from SJ Fowler, Anne Malewski, Kathryn Lewis, Rebecca Harper, Charlie Godet Thomas, Nancy Campbell, Eleni Kalorkoti and Klaussie Williams.

With prose from Jim McCue (on Laurence Whistler), Serena Trowbridge (on E. R. Hughes), Matthew Holman (on Grace Hartigan), Charlotte Geater (on poetry comics), Otti Paschen (on Alison Winch and Ben Rogers), Marina Warner (on rastaquouères) and John Randle (on private presses).

Cover and inner leaf art by Sarah Eliza Kelly.

Single issue costs £7.00, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

Oxford Poetry XVI.ii / Summer 2016

xvi.i / WINTER 2015-16

With poems from D. Nurkse, Stephanie Zingeler, Abigail Parry, Rosemary Badcoe, Matt Riker, Jenny Xie, A. E. Stallings, Alison Winch, Jordie Albiston, Alamgir Hashmi, Ned Denny, Sean Borodale, Frank Klaassen, Pierre Antoine Zahnd, Roy Patience, Sarah Lindon, Stephen Scott Whitaker, A K Blakemore, Miranda Green, Robert Selby, Mary Jean Chan, Andrew McCulloch, Rowland Bagnall, Ko Ha, Paul Stephenson, Maryanne Hannan, Seán Hewitt, Jennie Malboeuf and Clive James.

With reviews from Leaf Arbuthnot (on Kim Addonizio), Jess Cotton (on Anne Boyer, Juliana Spahr and Karen Weiser) and Andrew Wynn Owen (on Angela Leighton).

Cover and inner leaf art by Tobias Ross-Southall.

Single issue costs £7.00, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

Oxford Poetry XVI.i / Winter 2015-16

xv.iii / SUMMER 2015

With poems from Hilary S. Jacqmin, Caroline Price, Enda Coyle-Greene, T. B. Tovell, Simon Armitage, Phoebe Power, Doug Ramspeck, Dominic McLoughlin, Kate Wakeling, John Clegg, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Devon Miller-Duggan, John McCullough, C. E. J. Simons, Kevin Graham, Jennie Carr, Miriam Nash, Stuart Pickford, John Fuller, Judy Brown, Richard O'Brien, Matt Haw, Anthony Thwaite and Archie Cornish.

With reviews from Will Humphries (on Lavinia Greenlaw and Kei Miller), Lucy Mercer (on Rebecca Perry) and Bernard O'Donoghue (on Mick Imlah).

Cover and inner leaf art by Hayden Kays.

Single issue costs £7.00, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

Oxford Poetry XV.iii / Summer 2015

xv.ii / WINTER 2014-15

With poems from Nathan Spoon, Rebecca Foust, Fred Pollack, Jess Williard, Robert N. Watson, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Colette Sensier, Stewart Sanderson, Caitlin Newby, Sarah Françoise, Sarah James, Tim Liardet, Andrew McMillan, Laura Marsh, Chloe Stopa Hunt, Alex MacDonald, Anna Robinson, John Wedgwood Clarke and Phil Callaghan.

With the 2014 Newdigate Prize Poem by Andrew Wynn Owen, and reviews and prose from Robert Selby (on John Fuller), Aisha Farr (on Josephine Balmer), Will Harris (on Don Paterson on Michael Donaghy) and Emma Harding (on Poetry and Radio).

Cover and inner leaf art by Nancy Campbell.

Single issue costs £7.00, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

Oxford Poetry XV.ii / Winter 2014-15

xv.i / SUMMER 2014

With poems from C.K. Williams, Janette Ayachi, Nancy Campbell, Claire Trévien, E.M. Schorb, Rowland Bagnall, Natasha Ryan, Ruth Wiggins, Marianne Burton, Ian Dudley, Lucy Mercer, Sarah Howe, Sarah Wedderburn, Inua Ellams and Emily Hasler.

With reviews and prose from Dai George (on Vidyan Ravinthiran), Robert Stearn (on Marianne Morris), Abigail Williams (on Harry Thomas), Natalie Ferris (on Herbert Read & T.S. Eliot) and Joey Connolly (on New British Poetry).

Cover artwork and illustrations by Hannah Lees.

Single issue costs £7.00, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

Oxford Poetry XV.i / Summer 2014

Oxford Poetry 100 years

With archive material from the First Preface, E.H.W. Meyerstein, Wilfred Rowland Childe, W.H. Auden, Cecil Day-Lewis, and an interview with Elizabeth Jennings.

Contributions from former editors Derwent May, Anthony Thwaite, John Fuller, Elise Paschen, Peter McDonald, Sinéad Garrigan, Graham Nelson, Jane Griffiths, Carmen Bugan, Kelly Grovier, and Sinéad Sturgeon.

New poems from Steve Kronen, Allison McVety, Alice Miller, Jane Draycott, Nia Davies, Greg Delanty, Andrew McNeillie and Chris Simons. New prose from Declan Ryan, Christopher Ricks, Sarah Howe, Charlotte Geater, and Vidyan Ravinthiran.

Cover artwork and illustrations by Mika Ross-Southall.

Single issue costs £15.00, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

Oxford Poetry 100 years

xiv.3 / SUMMER 2013

With poems by James Brookes, Wendy Klein, Annie Freud, Adam O. Davis, Mark Ford, Michael Bazzett, Rebecca Tamás, Niall Campbell, Roddy Lumsden, Desmond Graham, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Dorothy Lehane, Amy Key, Jack Underwood, Maya Catherine Popa, and Antonella Anedda / Jamie McKendrick.

And reviews from Evan Jones on John Gallas, Laura Marsh on Charles Simic, Adam Crothers on C.K. Williams, Colette Sensier on Helen Ivory, Stephanie Norgate and Julith Jedamus, Hugh Foley on Chris McCabe & Jeremy Reed and Jennifer Firestone, Alex Niven on Ann Kim and Graham Foust.

Cover artwork by Hannah Bagshaw.

Single issues cost £7.00 each, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:

xiv.2 / WINTER 2012

With poems by Éireann Lorsung, Ben Parker, Matthew Gregory, Alex Niven, Charles G. Lauder Jr, Phillip Crymble, Judi Sutherland, Andrew Wynn Owen, Dai George, Annie Christain, Caleb Klaces, Enda Coyle-Greene, Emily Hasler, Astrid Lampe / Sophie Collins, Alison Brackenbury, Matthew Hollis, Camellia Stafford, John Canfield, JC Longbottom, Daniel W.K. Lee, Anatoly Kudravitsky / Carol Rumens, Paula Bohince, Fiona Sampson, Sophie Mayer, Nichola Deane, Maitreyabandhu.

Cover artwork by Dominic Noble.

Single issues cost £7.00 each, plus £1.40 postage to the UK or £4.50 postage Overseas:


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